2020 New Product. Non-contact Automatic Thermometer
2020 New Product. Non-contact Automatic Thermometer COVID-19 Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | MAXYNE Automation Sdn Bhd
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1. Product structure drawing

Product brand  
Measurement methods Infrared non-contact
Induction distance 5cm-15cm
Screen size 3.5 inches
Measurement range Body temperature32.0íŠ-42.9íŠ(85.9F -109.2F)
Object temperature0íŠ-100íŠC(32F-212F)
Measurement accuracy Body +0.2íŠC (0.4F)
Object +1 íŠ(1.8F)
Division value 0.1íŠ
Working conditions Temperature 15íŠC-45íŠC HumidityRH/85%
Low voltage alert 2.4V
Memory 100 Group
Temperature unit Celsius,Fahrenheit
Automatic shutdown time 20s
Measure time 1s
Mode of power supply USB power supply or 7 battery power supply
Trir-color backight Body 35C-37C Green
37.6C-38.0C Orange
38.1C-42.9C Red
Product Weight 180g
Product Size 170*100*33.5MM
3.Easy to use
Step 1: put 2 dry batteries into the battery tank (note the positive and negative directions) or connect the USB power cable;
Step 2: turn on the switch and hang it at the entrance;
Step 3: detect if there is anyone, and the detection range is 0.15 meters;
Step 4: aim the temperature probe with your hand or face;
Step 5: delay 1 second and take your temperature;
Step 6: temperature display;
Step 7: temperature voice broadcast temperature 32-37.2 body temperature is norma;
If the temperature above 37.3 degrees is abnormal, please remeasure it.
4. Note
The protective glass outside the LCD frame is very important. It is also a fragile part of the instrument. Please use with care.
Please do not charge the non-rechargeable battery and do not throw the battery into the fire.
Please do not expose the product to the sun or touch the water.
4.1 product maintenance
If you encounter the following problems in use, follow the instructions in the maintenance instructions to find a solution.
If the problem persists, please contact our customer service

Please leave your enquiry here, we will reply as soon as possible.

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